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Rest In Peace Fladmast

2015-05-13 19:26:58 by Julianr

I found out today that one of the cats at my mothers house has died, and we only have his brother left now

Fladmast (which is his name and is directly translated into flattered because of him having flat ribs as a kitten) was one of the most loveby and cuddely cat I have ever known. Whenever i would visit my mother he would nearly always lay on me and cuddle. 

When he was younger didn't he get enough milk because of his brother being dominant, and he was a little scared deformed kitten. but when he was full grown he had grown bigger than his brother. because he over ate and got fat. he also had things he did when he was cuddeled, like he couldnt stop licking the persons hand if it was near his head and he would move his claws like kittens do when breastfeeding.

Our cat/s are/were 3 generation of cats we have had, the 2 others being female. by each generation the cats have just gotten more and more cuddly and sweet but since our only cat left is male we probably arent going to have a 4 generation of the cats living with us.

I loved this cat and have been crying a lot(A LOT) today after i got time alone. He was a wonderful cat and he will always be in my heart, alongside his mother and grandmother.



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2015-05-13 20:02:01


Julianr responds:



2015-05-13 23:55:02

:'( may he rest in peace forever in a place he loves most


2015-10-21 04:44:03

My mom is so fucking neglectful of our cats. This last one got out for one day and came back all freaked out covered in greasy nastiness. He just wanted to be fed and everything fixed. So she left him filthy for days until it dried and his eye got infected. This brought up issues I have with my mom from my childhood. Rage.

Julianr responds:

We have always been unlucky with our cats, we dont have any anymore the last one got a wire thing stuck really bad around one of his paws, it had grown really big with the blood flow not being able to move. it sadly had to be let down and they are not going to get another cat.

My mom have never been good at getting our cats fixed but at least they always had it good until something bad happened.


2016-01-04 03:12:38

im an octopotamus *meep meep*

(Updated ) Julianr responds:

I tried googling octopotamus and its apparently a cross between a octopus and a hippo?


2016-03-03 00:02:58

Thats racist bro

Julianr responds:

Sorry didn't mean to be racist, just wanted to say what I saw when i googled it.